Tuesday, June 5, 2007

"Smash Face"

That's my self portrait. I did an awkward pose because it would be harder to draw-- looks neater than a dead-eyed girl staring at you, doesn't it? 

Here's another:

I love to draw. I took a drawing class 2 years ago, but only because I like the teacher. When I want, I can draw pretty realistically, but where's the fun in that? Cartoons are representations of the truth, therefor things that are not physically possible should be attempted, it's that kind of outlet. They should be disgusting, wild, bizarre, collaborations of annomolies questioning our pathetic, banal lives.

Self portrait the same year I took the drawing class.

Those are my watercolors. I think I'll start using them more often. 

I love drawing women. You will often see an abdomen, breasts, a pugnacious butt, or something along those lines hanging out around my drawings.

With the discovery of Drawn.ca, I found that other cartoonists, animators, future-graphic novelist, future-graphic journalists and enthusiast alike have collaborated, linking onto one another's pages to create a splendid, colorful and diverse network of talent. 

As part of Summer Vacation, I plan on taking my sketchbooks and loading them (little by little) onto this sketchblog. As well as different little comics. And, then, future bigger projects such as graphic novels, etc.

Next: My pathetic neighbor drawing and more.

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Laura said...

I particularly like the drawing of the girl hanging out in the forest.
You should write a story about her.