Saturday, June 30, 2007

Summer Blues

Seems like the theme for while I was at Alfred was women's behinds.

For instance this interesting piece:

Also, this girl's underwear is falling off. The original was better but I drew over it accidently. So I traced it, this is the result. The underpants aren't sagging enough, in my opinion, to be falling off her skinny legs.

Finally, a front view. Unfortunately, I can change up how my guys look, but not my females. I read that some think a variety of styles shows lack of focus. I disagree, doesn't it, rather, show a mastery of art? Whatever.

No anime festival at the palace. No jazz festival.

I decided to take the bus tomorrow. I'm going to lie to folks about who I am. I don't yet, I'm going to make it up. That was the advice of the teacher at the creative writing class. Another thing I learned at Alfred was to seize the day.

Joe Driscoll, beat boxing prodigy, is returning home in July. I am pleased.


liesel said...

cool sketches! I like your style. it's... nice, loose... I don't know. but it's pleasing to look at. hahaha and that's not just because of the focus of so many of them. :)

Scott Morris said...

If you do lie to folks like Mr. M said, please write a short story about it. Like a nonfiction or something. I want to know in detail what it was like.

liesel said...

thanks! well, I listen to songs on shuffle on my ipod and then reflect on the day, sometimes putting in some of the lyrics. I pretty much just write whatever I'm thinking. And if a song comes up that's really happy, and I"m feeling depressed, then I skip it, etc. make sense? :) I"m glad you like it! eeee