Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Eloise and more.

I've been working out the details to an epic graphic novel. This is a portion I made about this character, Eloise, who is completely indifferent towards everything, mostly.

I sketched this of Hogan a while ago. Hogan is that typical nerdy guy who feels as though he is an expert on everything. He works in an adult bookstore. He's eloquent, yes, but applies such to rather asinine subjects. Anyway, I thought this was funny. A whole comic strip could be built around this fellow, I like his tiny hands.

My friend recently gave me a lot of Modest Mouse CDs. Upon receiving them, they have been all I've listened to. It's slipped into my sketchbook. I drew this for "3rd Planet." The lines in the drawing are lyrics from the song. Apparently when I am not drawing from a female model, I like to give my sketches large heads and oddly shaped bodies. So ignore that for now. Otherwise I think it's a nice one of a little girl. It was insanely difficult not giving her breasts and hips, mind you. I had to restrain myself. Two pencil erasers took a good beating, one they didn't deserve.

AND finally, magnificent hipbones for anyone who thinks a person can not fly with their pelvis.


genesis said...

eloise is the sex. and hogan knows where it's at about porn. miss ya miss yates.

Scott Morris said...

Hey, this stuff is great! I'd love to see you make a Graphic novel. Go for it!

P.S. I wrote you an email.