Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Shrouded in Light

-Male figures 

-Left-handed drawing

-For fun, I wrote these really horrific poems about something I am too in love with. 
In a foreign cell you rot 
deadly like a blood clot 
annoying jigger, meaningless speck 
one-armed bandit 
Alex Krycek

Smoking Man 
Inhale, exhale
his voice is very stale
flawed policies, has the answer
never published 
dying of cancer 

Short, frumpy
in love with Scully 
Mulder's their only friend 
paranoid, conspiracy
Head of the Lone Gunmen 

Seven years have gone
since we met, it's been so long 
some might call us a perfect pair
After what we've seen, I can say
"The Truth is Out There" 

"I Want to Believe"
It's hard to conceive
Always on the run 
I search for Samantha
I trust no one


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