Sunday, June 14, 2009


Myself and Mohammad Seraji are directing the drama "Closer" by Patrick Marber. Thus, you may see these faces plastered around Syracuse, or tucked beneath your windshield wipers. Lindsey VanOrman is playing waifish Alice, Liam Fitzpatrick plays manipulative Larry, Alex Taussig is playing brooding Dan and Liz Sutphen is Anna, the coveted photographer. The play is scheduled for August 7, 8th and 9th at Recess Coffee House on Harvard in Syracuse. Times have yet to be established.

We began our photoshoot on Saturday in Westcott Nation, but then moved the project to several derelict buildings in Syracuse to better capture the mood of "Closer." Lindsey VanOrman was not present at the photoshoot and her pictures were taken later around the Cicero area.

For publicity, our method is waves of flyers and posters with gradually more information on each edition. I also plan on selling prints at the performances, as well as chapbooks of my and Mohammad's poetry and further, baked goods.

Mo and I have worked together before when we organized and directed "The Vagina

Here's some of what was shot:

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